Times are tough, and everywhere, everyone is looking for solutions to rebuild our economies and societies. Investing in African women is a proven way to get us back on track. Unfortunately, 2020 has seen an investment decrease in African women, who will also be the hardest hit by our current economic challenges – there has
Future Females Invest (FFI) took part in a virtual committee meeting on Empowering Nigerian Farmers with AUDA NEPAD, NEPAD NIGERIA, and the Federal Government of Nigeria, 30th of September 2020. Representatives from FFI  attendees include Ms. Ada Agbaza and Mr. Bayo Jide.  Some government officials present at the virtual committee meeting were CEO NEPAD Nigeria
The largest IT Community in Mauritius, who are so passionate about the tech world have decided to hold a virtual conference to unite all geeks in Africa and around the globe over 3 days of knowledge sharing.  The 3 days event will be from 9th – 11th September 2020. Our Founder Aysha Julie is one of the
  According to Aysha Julie in the article above , women entrepreneurs must be seen, heard and funded, believing that women are the new faces of finance. Aysha Julie founded female future invest in 2018 which merged a year later with Women of West Africa Entrepreneurship (WOWe) in collaboration with Nigerian Ambassador Tori Abiola. The
Mauritius Research and Innovation Council Funds Future Females Invest to support Mauritian Women Entrepreneurs to Thrive   Future Females Invest (FFI) has been awarded a grant from the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) to “Ready to Thrive” a platform for women entrepreneurs in Mauritius to help them navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and aftermath. Ready
Tori Abiola, Co-Founder of Future Females Invest and Founder of Women of West Africa Entrepreneurship (now acquired by Future Females Invest) WOWe (Women of West Africa Entrepreneurship) Founder & Founding Ambassador Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Nigeria – Tori Abiola. Founded in 2013 by Tori Abiola, WOWe (Women of West Africa Entrepreneurship)  is a widely respected and
Future Females Invest has merged with WOWe, a renowned organisation for women entrepreneurs in West Africa. WOWe held the WOWe Festival from 2013 to 2015 in Lagos, Nigeria for three full days each and gave visitors the opportunity to network; individuals and companies used the platform to showcase their products tailored to women and delegates
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FFI is excited to announce the Women + Economy Festival is coming soon. The event will build on the success of the previous 4 Women of West Africa entrepreneurship festivals making this the 5th annual event. Previous festivals have collectively bought together over 8000 women over 4 years.   The Women + Economy Festival is
Future Females Invest have announced their merger with Women of West Africa Entrepreneurship (WOWe), to increase its reach and services to West African Women entrepreneurs. Future Females Invest will acquire WOWe assets, people and customer contracts and the merged business will operate under the FFI brand. Founded in 2013 by Tori Abiola, the Nigerian Ambassador
With the financial services sector remaining male-dominated, particularly in Africa, we were delighted to host an event in partnership with Ocorian and the United Nations Systems in Mauritius to celebrate and raise awareness of women in finance and leadership in Africa. There is incredible potential on offer for both African societies and the region’s investment landscape if