Community Empowerment Gatherings and Watch Parties

We understand that people living in Impoverished areas rural and urban are faced with distinct issues. No access to a smartphone, internet, electricity, stationery and other resources.

To bridge this gap, FFI in partnership with Old Mutual has created a  grassroots intervention strategy for women. This strategy will include the Ready to Inspire watch party & community empowerment gatherings.

The purpose of the watch party & community empowerment gatherings is to inspire women in the rural areas by creating abundant information and resources they can benefit from.

We’ll create mobile business centres where these women will have access to:

  • Our video vignette from our iconic some
  • Loans and grants for their businesses
  • Scholarships to further their education
  • The application of jobs


Through the watch parties we hope to start a nationwide conversation among women in Nigeria.

Our Impact:

  • Empower women
  • Help women startup their businesses
  • Create jobs
  • Educate more women for the betterment of the society